Luke 3:7 (NLT) When the crowds came to John for baptism, he said, “You brood of snakes!...
Acts 2:43-47 (MSG)

43-45 Everyone around was in awe—all those wonders and signs done through the apostles! And all the believers lived in a wonderful harmony, holding everything in common.

They sold whatever they owned and pooled their resources so that each person’s need was met.

46-47 They followed a daily discipline of worship in the Temple followed by meals at home, every meal a celebration, exuberant and joyful, as they praised God.

People in general liked what they saw. Every day their number grew as

God added those who were saved.

July 10, 2020

Last night, I shared in a paper about an analogy concerning the church and an Olympic Athlete. Over the years, however, God has expanded that analogy and has shown me many other Spiritual principles and lessons. Well, I have tried to publish some of these revelations before, but have only been sent more persecution for just the suggestion of such ideas birthed from a revelation of heaven. 
You see, most in the "modern day church" have no idea of the power of money and how that it can nullify or void out the "Spiritual Power," that Jesus intended for the church.
For decades, I have listened to numerous preachers who don't understand or can't understand why the modern Charismatic church doesn't have the "Spiritual Power," of the Early Church in the Book of Acts. 
I mean, I have witnessed the Charismatic Church at large attack this mystery Ad nauseam, yet none can figure it out? 
Well, the Lord has shown me many times. 
What happens in the modern day church is that these so called radical new churches start out in "Faith," and within a decade or two end up in "Tradition," which then negates their founding principles which was to build a "Church," through the principle of "Faith."
Nevertheless, I have yet to see one of them where after they have so totally screwed up their founding principles of "Faith," stop and say, "Hey guys, you know what, we are no longer living by the principles of "Faith." 
No, on the contrary, after they become so sick and anemic on "tradition," you can talk to anyone of them and they will readily give you the history of the church along with a declaration that they are the only true church who has remained "Faithful" to the principle of "Faith."
For example, one might point out a particular CD of "Prophecy," from Prophet So and So, which could be any number of one thousand recorded Prophecy CD's by their various "Prophets." And then they will stand up and testify to you that their group invented the "Prophetic Church," and these deep truths were all uncovered by Holy men and women of God which had unearthed these lost revelations and truths?
Lastly, they will use their book stores as examples of the argument which are filled with these fifteen dollar Prophetic CD's to justify their arguments.
Nonetheless, when if you were to buy one the main prophetic point that the Prophet was making was that "Soon, this year, there will be a suddenly and the wealth of the world will be given to the good greedy Christian because they have more "Integrity," than those wicked people who are only concerned with a system of buy and sell greed mentality?"
 Have you ever heard one?
No, then head on down to the nearest "Prophetic Book Store," please.
You see, I have been observing the church for decades. During the height of the Word/Faith movement, I was sitting in a class studying under one of it's founders. In fact, this man had so popularized the movement (created back then on the principles of prosperity and Faith) that he had literally began what could later be considered a "denomination."
Most people aren't aware that before the Berlin Wall came crashing down under the administration of Reagan, there was this group of "Faith," believer's who had made inroads into those Communist Countries. I recall one day, when one of these men came and spoke to us in Bible School about how they were establishing a printing press in Finland which was very favorable to some of the Communist states.
So, from Finland, and a few other countries, there were Faith Books and Books on Successful Praying that later would flood into those Communist Countries.  This, no doubt had then led to thousands and thousands of believing Christians who were raised up in those Communist countries who had prayed for the demise of the Berlin wall. 
Well, one day we are all living our normal lives and the next thing you know, there in the headlines of the Newspapers were the stories of the Berlin Wall falling without a single shot being fired. 
Go figure, what a mystery!
Not to me, or to the many who had the inside knowledge of a group of Bible and Faith Book smugglers. 
During that same period, the North Eastern part of the United States was as frozen and contrary to the Gospel message, as any individual state could become, yet there were a group of a few "Faith preachers" that took that "Word/Faith message to New England and had great results. What they began was similar to the stories of the Early Methodists and had these ministers and churches not  all carried the "Prosperity Message," to the extreme they could've been continuing to this very day. 
Nevertheless, the Word/ Faith message was NEGATED by it's own people. In particular, I recall one of those minister's who was a favorite and often mentioned by name of the founder of the movement at the yearly conferences and such. 
Today, his name is one of the only Minister's that I have been reading about recently. And of course, I am not talking about those other minister's who joined forces with this man and who established their own little empires, but I am speaking of direct disciples who left his schools to do exploits for God. 
I have tapes of the founding leader, that I still listen to on occasion and it was just the other day where this leader states to his listeners, "Today, our healing class will be taught by S-- ______. Over there in Annex Two. 
This exact same man who began one of these churches that I am reading about in the newspapers today was a leader of the movement. He was perhaps, similar to a man like Peter Cartwright from the Methodist church. 
I believe that he passed on a few years back, but could I share of the exploits that his church is still performing to this day?
They are continuing to place people under the law of the Tithe, and for the last few years, I have been reading that his church has had numerous suits concerning the enslavement of it's members?
I just did a Google search and never realized how many accusations have been leveled against this ministry. 
I am shocked.
So, what happened to all these churches that had sprung up from that particular movement?
Well, from my experience you can go to almost any one of them and the typical service will be a four or five song set of worship, the announcements read, A huge emphasis on paying your tithes and offerings, a sermon generally around the subject of prospering yourself materially or a further lesson on the Importance of the "Tithe." 
Lastly, I believe they still give a benediction, so long as it doesn't affect the devoted time of teaching about the tithe?
But you see, that is just the story of one movement. A movement that by themselves chose to negate the power of God by dropping out of the heavenly appointed marathon, and instead had decided to become "professional" athletes. Yes, these men and women of God followed in the footsteps of the Methodist's, yet they accomplished in a few short decades what took the Methodist's more than a hundred years to do, by negating their own power. 
My hat's off to you Word/Faith. I mean, who could have imagined after starting so good, you would land on your butts and in a tenth or eighth of the time that it took the Methodists to negate all their power, you guys accomplished it so much smoother and sooner?
So, are you getting a clue, yet?
Do you understand that riches, covetousness, a mind obsessed on gaining financial success can be detrimental to a church and can nullify and void the power of the Kingdom of God?
Let me go back to the analogy of the amateur athlete to show you another principle. 
In the Bible New Testament we read over and over the miracles that were performed by the Early Church long after Jesus had been crucified and hung on the cross. 
We also do not read of any one case where a disciple or apostle had been placed on salary. Nevertheless, in the gospels time and time again, we read where Jesus stated and showed by example that the gospel was meant to be free to all who would receive it. 
He said, "Freely it is given, freely you should receive."

Matthew 10:8 (NLT)
8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received!
 John 10:9 (NLT)
9 Yes, I am the gate. Those who come in through me will be saved. They will come and go freely and will find good pastures. 

1 Corinthians 2:12 (NLT)
12 And we have received God's Spirit (not the world's spirit), so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us.

 2 Corinthians 9:9 (NLT)
9 As the Scriptures say,
"They share freely and give generously to the poor.
    Their good deeds will be remembered forever."

Seriously, just in those few scriptures above we ought to be able to tell why there is very little healing power if any in the American church?
Most that I have seen has all been smoke and mirrors!
The Lord showed me this principle one day though. It is in line with the analogy that I used to compare an Olympic Athlete. 
You see, Jesus gave the gospel to the world and He made it FREE to all men, yet you seldom hear this principle spoken from the pulpit. 
Nevertheless, it is FREE, to all men!
What the church has done, however, is that they have through tried and true methods found the best way to by all outward appearances to preach what is suppose to be a free word from God. 
Nonetheless, God in His foreknowledge knows the heart of every man and though most preachers think that they are pulling a "fast one" on God by presenting their idea of a "Free Gospel," the truth still remains obvious to the Lord. 
So, in America, we have thousands of "Professional Athletes," who have given up the race, and have chosen to live a life of ease from the tried and true methods of "Faith Healing," prescribed by numerous "Professional Athletes" who have gone before them." 
In other words, they have annulled the various, "Charismatic Gifts," that were passed down and promised to the church. They have chosen to become "Professional Athletes," and no longer run the race of real "Faith." 
No, instead they have hearts that have subtly placed a cost on the gospel,  and have accepted the substitution of "Smoke and Mirror Faith." 
Thus, they in turn get the same kind of results, "Smoke and Mirror," type healings where generally you find out a week or so later were never solidified or confirmed medically. 
And I am not trying in the least here to say that Jesus does not heal in America. During the late forties and early fifties the country was filled with preachers who had bonafide miracles, crusade after crusade, where arms or legs or even eyes would appear through creative miracles. 
NEVERTHELESS, these were men who set up tents in Faith, traveled the country in Faith, prayed and believed in Faith. 
They were not on million dollar salaries living in mansions, flying around in multi million dollar jets with a paid crew of Union workers. 
No, these were people who loved Jesus and were not afraid of "working" for Jesus without ample compensation. 
They didn't blow into town, with a few Hollywood singers, stay in the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and run up 5,000 dollar tabs through room service? 
These people got in the dirt and they worked for the Kingdom of God, and of course that was the reason why they didn't have the typical "Smoke and Mirror," healings that are so common in the church today.  
But you see, it is hard for this generation of preachers to understand that concept because we live in the church age of "Prosperity," where everything has a price. 
So, as I stated, the Lord through the years, has shown me a pattern.
Many times, I have heard about men such as TL Osborn who have spent their lives over seas preaching the gospel to third world nations. From the very beginning since I first heard of this man I began to watch him and to listen to him. 
On every single occasion where I have heard the man, he has preached the most simplest of sermons that I have ever heard from any preacher.
In other words, he wasn't one of the most scientifically brilliant orators that the church has ever known. Nevertheless, I have never once heard the man preach where he didn't express an undying love for mankind and for his older brother Jesus Christ. 

There was no way that someone would walk away from one of his messages and state "I knew the man was going to ask for an offering." 
You see, this was a man who preached a gospel free of all monetary value. 

You see, no one ever walked away from an Osborn crusade feeling as if they were in disobedience to the Lord had they not just dropped at least ten per cent of their income into a crusade basket. 
No one ever walked away from an Osborn sermon thinking, "I knew he was going to cram those same scriptures down my throat for the three hundred and sixty fifth time during this three week crusade."
No, when they walked away from an Osborn crusade you could almost hear their thoughts. 

"Wow, I never heard the gospel message presented so simple."

"I never ever knew that God's love for His only son was just as great as His love is for me!"

"Wow, I have been wasting my life imagining that God has hated me and the feelings have only compounded because of the lowly place that society has banished me to."

OR "Wow, I have been wasting my life imagining that God has hated me and the feelings have only compounded because of the lowly place that the church has banished me to."

And, lastly, he didn't have a following of ten thousand "Yes" men who inflated the numbers or told little fibs concerning the work of Christ, as we have here in America throughout these numerous legalistic "Tithing," ministries. 

For that reason T.L. Osborn never had the typical "Smoke and Mirror," healings that are so prevalent in the American church. 

There was never ever implied a monetary value placed on a healing from God and the people recognized this in their "spirits,"

Immediately after his death, there was a service to pay tribute to the man and I was literally shocked at how few there were of people to give this man his proper respect. 

Truthfully, for any one interested, the reason for this was because he never had created a following of men who had strictly used the gospel to prosper themselves financially. No, when the devil had come to him in the wilderness and offered him all the riches of the world, he politely declined and stated, "I would rather die in obscurity than to negate the many souls whom I have won for Christ." 

I believe it was his sister during the service, however, who had shared an anecdote concerning the man. She told of the time, when he returned back to America in semi retirement, and had happened to go to a dollar store. 
She said, that when he returned that he could not believe the many things that he could purchase for a dollar. She stated that he raved about the store and declared " From now on all my purchases are going to be from there." 
Of course, this is a paraphrase as I don't exactly recall word for word, but do you see the contrast to what has been preached in our churches in which most 'Clergy," have put a cost on every aspect of the gospel message? 
But his was the reason why he never had "Smoke and Mirror," healings. 
So, to sum up this message, it has all been written to point out the fact that Jesus and the Early Church never took salaries, but they ran their races as "Amateur Athletes," that each one might attain his prize. 

There is a principle that the Gospel must remain free, nevertheless, most men don't have the discipline and so in one way or another they will charge for it, and once that happens they nullify the working of the Holy Spirit. 

You see, it is impossible for the Holy Spirit to charge a person for a healing, therefore once an evangelist has determined in his heart a monetary value on those healing gifts, he nullifys the operation of them. 

The Holy Spirit is not a doctor who has decided to go into the medical field, he is a part of the Godhead who loves and has compassion for mankind. Thus his actions must be motivated for that reason alone, but man instead wants the Holy Spirit to perform as if he is some kind of monkey on an Organ Grinders chain. 

And so, this great mystery continues in the church because to recognise these facts, might mean to suffer a wage or two. 
You, see, when you drop out of the race and become a "Professional Athlete," you give up your prize. 

You are no longer allowed the benefits or to share in the overall Olympic experience, such as living in the Olympic village with all the other competitors. 

You are no longer observed by those great men of the Sport who have gone before you. 
There they are by the thousands having filled the stadium and some even in the closest Private boxes, where they can almost reach out to touch you?

No, once you take the endorsement or the money, your adrenalin no longer works the same as it once did. People no longer care about your accomplishments as part of an Olympic team. 

No, you just silently go quietly away and hope that you are in a sport where people will all get drunk and perhaps watch your accomplishments on TV. 

Deep down, however, your most endearing trait will be, as to how much money you can wheedle from the owners and ticket holders of the various teams. 

But Hey, your a Star, right?

And is there another player on the field who can match your character?

I mean, after all didn't you drop out of the race because you were so much better than all of the rest?

What a life?

Some call it all Smoke and Mirrors though! 

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