Luke 3:7 (NLT) When the crowds came to John for baptism, he said, “You brood of snakes!...
Malachi 2:2-11 (NASB)

 2 “And now this commandment is for you, O priests. 2 If you do not listen, and if you do not take it to heart to give honor to My name,” says the Lord of hosts, “then I will send the curse upon you and I will curse your blessings; and indeed, I have cursed them already, because you are not taking it to heart.

3 Behold, I am going to rebuke your offspring, and I will spread refuse on your faces, the refuse of your feasts; and you will be taken away with it.

 4 Then you will know that I have sent this commandment to you, that My covenant may continue with Levi,” says the Lord of hosts.

 5 “My covenant with him was one of life and peace, and I gave them to him as an object of reverence; so he revered Me and stood in awe of My name.

6 True instruction was in his mouth and unrighteousness was not found on his lips; he walked with Me in peace and uprightness, and he turned many back from iniquity.

7 For the lips of a priest should preserve knowledge, and men should seek instruction from his mouth; for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.

8 But as for you, you have turned aside from the way; you have caused many to stumble by the instruction; you have corrupted the covenant of Levi,” says the Lord of hosts.

9 “So I also have made you despised and abased before all the people, just as you are not keeping My ways but are showing partiality in the instruction.

10 “Do we not all have one father? Has not one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously each against his brother so as to profane the covenant of our fathers?

11 Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination has been committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah has profaned the sanctuary of the Lord which He loves...

Malachi 3:3-6 NASB 3 “Behold, I am going to send My messenger, and he will clear the way before Me. And the Lord, whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; and the messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming,” says the Lord of hosts.

2 “But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap.

3 He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the Lord offerings in righteousness.

4 Then the offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasing to the Lord as in the days of old and as in former years.

5 “Then I will draw near to you for judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers and against the adulterers and against those who swear falsely, and against those who oppress the wage earner in his wages, the widow and the orphan, and those who turn aside the alien and do not fear Me,” says the Lord of hosts.

6 “For I, the Lord, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed. 7 “From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from My statutes and have not kept them. Return to Me, and I will return to you,” says the Lord of hosts. “But you say, ‘How shall we return?’

8 “Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! But you say, ‘How have we robbed You?’ In tithes and offerings. ...

This paragraph written about the German Christians was posted on the night of 2-1-20, right after I finished the paper written below it. It was just something that I felt the Lord want me to bring up, so I posted it here in the beginning of the paper.
You see, one day we will all stand before God on judgment, and not only will God have required of us to "walk in love," as many preachers have explained it to us, But God will want to know if we loved those whom we don't know, as well. It is easy to love someone who places a dollar or a tithe in your little buckets, but does your love extend to the world, to those who are on their way to hell?

To the many who have left the church because they may have had a Poverty spirit?

To those individuals who are in the world and not just another church?

To those who are going to be lost forever because all of our preachers were afraid to speak the truth from the pulpits that God has instituted?

Matthew 5:46-48 (NLT)

46 If you love only those who love you, what reward is there for that? Even corrupt tax collectors do that much. 47 If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else? Even pagans do that. 48 But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.


I just posted this paper, but I feel as if I ought to add this in. Well, I am going to add this here in the beginning. 

[In my early years studying as a Christian, I recall a question that used to be asked all the time. Today, you hardly hear it asked if ever? 
The question was, "Where was the church at the time of Hitler in Germany that allowed his rise as a political leader?" 

Where was the church when the Nazi's were killing untold millions of Jews? 

This used to be a great mystery, but it no longer is, at least for me it isn't.

I have watched the "Left" be raised up in America and I have witnessed the anemic church do absolutely nothing to oppose it. We have politicians commit crimes against Congress and some in the church are in full support of these criminals. 

We have a society that has opened it self up to and has welcomed every perversion imaginable and the church is silent.

We have politicians and a Governor who wants to pass laws allowing the killing of little birthed babies and where is the outcry among God's people?

We have something similar to the SS of Germany trying to overthrow our government and nations leader and all is silent in the church. 

We have a country that is basically half divided when it comes to electing a politician. such as "Mayor Pete" or "Comrade Bernie," and the church acts as if this is the most normal thing for the society and it's values that they have embraced whole heartedly by their actions of the last few years?

I'm sorry, not all "so called Christians" in the church, feel that way. many are staunch "Capitolists."

Normally, these are those who are identified by their million dollar bank accounts accumulated from the day they joined the ministry. 
I could go on and on, but I am going to stop right here. 

But, I have to ask the question, "Where were the German Christians while Hitler was rising in Power, can any one tell me?"  ]

The following was written on February 1st, 2020

The following are a few excerpts from some of the prophetic papers that I have written.

Presently, we could possibly be on the verge of a world epidemic concerning the Coronavirus, so I have been reminded of a few times where I had spent upwards of eight hours in a Prayer Room speaking in tongues and then walking out with a great burden thinking about the 1918 Flu epidemic?

I have hundreds of papers written and saved in various folders, yet I haven't been able to locate those particular ones. Nevertheless, I am printing a few that I have written and feel that are pertinent for today. 

I wish that I could edit, but this free web site software is from ten or so years ago, and I never learned to master it anyway. 
Thus, for this web site to remain "free" I am forced to use this outdated software. so bear with me. 

When I copy it I have no idea what it is going to do, as it acts different with every Browser, and to edit it sometimes only makes it worse or it tends to have parts erased and only becomes worse. 

Nonetheless, these words are only for the serious minded, so if you are concerned you will read it, and if you are not, then you are just one of many that have been welcomed into the modern day church.

To those who are truly concerned for the state of the church, I am sure that my observations are not new. 

I have no choice however, but to record them, as I feel a heavy release by the Lord to finally condense my most serious concerns in just a few pages.

Amazing isn't it?

How few there are who have any similar views, yet the church has done a complete turn a round from the church that is recorded in scripture or of the one that has been operating for over two thousand years.

how Jesus and the Father have been waiting centuries to finally release this superior Knowledge that allows the clergy to all walk and carry on in ministry as multi million dollar partners or CEO's of Gods Corporate organizations?

The first paper deals with the present day attitude of worship that the church has adopted. 

 Written 6-24-08

A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting a church in Kansas City. This was a well known church and one of seasoned worship that had been developed over the years.

 One of the concerns that I had while visiting this church was the emphasis that the church has had on musicians. I have been in Charismatic circles for over thirty years and have even spent a year in Nashville observing the community of musicians. This was the first time that the Lord pointed out the abuse

. In the last ten years, I have seen the subtle way that worship leaders and musicians have been elevated in the various Charismatic churches. Along with this, I have also noticed a relaxed type of atmosphere that has crept into the church.

For years, I had heard the rumors of drug use and immoral living among many Christian musicians. A few years ago, God brought the truth of this home to me and it just fueled my concern for the sanctity of His church.

 Many in the Church do not understand that the musician is in the pulpit and he is serving in the sanctuary of Gods Holy Temple. Can you imagine what the Lord would have done in the time of Moses, had a Levite rolled in to the temple all hung over or bringing a stench of immorality to the sanctuary?

The other day, I was in a worship service and I noticed two people holding coffee cups in their right hand while their left hand was extended up to God.

 My immediate thought was that God does not see a coffee cup, but He sees a cheeseburger.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Would you walk in to the Holy of Holies with a cheeseburger in your hand had you been a Levite?

"Hey God, thought I would drop by on the way from Starbucks, what's up man?"

Moses would have had the ground swallow you up.

Why then, would you ever dare to walk in to the Lords Holy presence carrying a coffee cup?

 Last year, I wrote a couple of papers on honor and respect for the Lord but it went nowhere. You see, I would like to address the issue of proper dress, but that is a subject that is meat to the body. It is way over the head of His people or leaders.

Thus, like Paul, I am only going to address some "milk" issues.

This is a "milk" issue, you enter into worship on time.

At this same service the minister rolled in seven minutes late? Gee, is it any wonder why when I try to worship God in one of these type of churches, I am still interrupted forty minutes later by people just coming in the door?

 A number of weeks ago, I was at a church in Florida trying to worship the Lord but the "film crew" was making such a production of it that it was useless. The other thing that I have noticed that has crept into the service is that the services are more production oriented. Due to modern technology, I am seeing more and more the hymnal being thrown out the door in place of "Musician personalities".

I notice that when the authority of the service is given over to many musicians, then the songs coincidentally seem to always be the latest renditions of the artists?

Many times, the music is hard to follow and more and more the wording is swallowed up by the loud instruments.

Why is this, whatever could be the reason?

I was in a particular church a few times and was watching the laity. Hardly any one was singing, as the words appear and disappear at God knows who's request?

There I am trying to worship and I see Chip from My Three Sons?

 I don't want to see "Chip" in the middle of my hymnal.

 I want to see the "word" that the Holy Spirit can use to transform the atmosphere.

 I am telling you Gods Church is not the proving ground for whether your song is going to be a hit, neither is it a showcase for personalities.

 Ever since I have witnessed this error creep into the church, I have looked deeper into the New Testament. Nowhere do I see that God gave some to be keyboard players and to exercise spiritual authority in the Church.

 On the contrary, what I have witnessed is a true Spirit of Jezebel that is given over to "musicians" that become dominant personalities in the local church. Yes, some do have other teaching gifts, but they are not determined by the crowd that one can gain in a "cult following".

God doesn't care and neither do I, you see, I am the laity. Jesus said that out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water that will empower me and equip me to be what He wants for the Church.

Do you wonder why our congregations are filled with lifeless anemic followers of Christ?

It is the power of praise that equips and fills the laity to do exploits, not artistic license by a few.

Why is it that when God TV films a prayer room everything becomes sacred, yet when the Lord of Lords is about to enter into His peoples praise, nobody gives a rats behind?

Hippocrates! Money money money and the crowds, yes we love the crowds.

We do any thing to appease them.

No, I believe that the Lord ordained various laws and decrees that were established for the structure of worship in His Church.

 There are checks and balances that were given, there were laws to follow. Every law was important because God did not want the worshipers to become too familiar. He didn't want it to become mundane and family oriented.

 Worship for the Levites was a duty, it wasn't standing around trying to figure out who is going to say grace. I think sometimes Churches can become too familiar with one another and they can lose the grandeur of worship.

 "Well, this week we will let little Billy lead it".

No, this week, we all need to get on our hands and knees to honor God. We need to dress right, speak right and give him our undivided attention.

Even the world understands that familiarity breeds contempt. I have shared this before, but I am going to share this again. Once I was in a Charismatic Ecumenical Community where angels and Saints visited us regularly in our worship. You ask how that happened?...

Last year I was going to go to church to hear a Pastor who I hadn't heard before. I had to "Google" the man and then recognized his churches that were raised up from this new "Music Worship" experience that has overtaken the church.

You know, when you see the audiences giving omage to the artists as if they were "The Beatles," in 1964, or perhaps Elvis Presley in the sixties?

Before I closed the page, however, there was a question just waiting to be answered and I did something that I usually never do, I clicked it and found out that this Pastor who I had never heard of was worth fifty million dollars.

Not one million, but fifty million!

My church had about five to seven more special speakers that year and in every case, I Googled their worth. Not one was worth less than one million dollars and that was only one. Some were worth ten, twenty, and maybe a few were worth at least thirty million. 

I hope that some one will listen, but do you understand what we have done with our churches?

These were not ours to change as we see fit.

The Lord established the church on his nature and on his word, He laid down examples of what the purpose of the church is suppose to be.
This all foreign to any examples of scripture unless you are talking about Israel in the time of Kings.

He laid down examples of what the clergy is suppose to be.

The church is suppose to be the inheiratance of the POOR, not the "get rich quick" trick of the clergy.

Funny, but I can't find any where in the New Testament where Jesus promoted lavish million dollar lifestyles for his disciples, apostles, prophets, pastors or even of his closest friends?

I can't find any examples where he showcased a disciple who could dance like Michael Jackson, sing like Elvis Presley or could fast talk as an auctioneer?

I have looked, but I haven't been able to find those scriptures where, "He gave some alto voices, some tenor voices and some who could ring a cowbell or administrate a corporation For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."

Nowhere, I am sorry, but I just can't find them, have you my illustrious church leaders?

If not, then why have you transformed God's church in this way?

I did find this scripture, although, I can't seem to remember where and it sort of does fall into our modern day leaders theology, but nevertheless, you shouldn't build a whole religion on it.

"Silver and Gold have I none, but a poverty spirit, I have."

Last year, I heard a pastor from the pulpit rebuke his close family member who had been raised with the man and who attended the same churches as he through their childhood. He couldn't understand why his brother or close relative brought aluminium foil to a family gathering and why he didn't see eye to eye as this man had toward our modern day Christianity? 

Apparently, his brother or close friend couldn't understand this new kind of "Elitist," Christianity and had even visited some other religious institutes. 
This in turn made the Godly Pastor fume in anger, as we were able to witness from the congregation as he was berating the man from the pulpit.
I think that was around Thanksgiving, but when Christmas had come the Pastor had calmed down some, I guess.... 

Can you imagine that? 

Being born into a family of this newly revised Christianity, and you can't fully understand the mere basics of it, such as the "talented" being paid millions of dollars? 

Apparently, the man has a "poverty spirit" no doubt, right?

Please note: I am including the following paper because it shows where much of America has stood as the church has been transformed through exaggerated doctrines and beliefs. 

The evangelist might be identified but that is not my intent, neither am I angry at this particular person, as people would suggest to you.  
I just feel that this article is an ideal paper to present with the theme of my message today.

This paper was written by myself on 12-31- 10:

2 Chronicles 7:13-14 (New American Standard Bible)

 13"If I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people,
 14and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

I was walking by the park and I said, "Hello," to a friend that I know. The man is homeless and was just sitting on a bench. He stated that he was hungry and had missed a supper served by the Salvation Army. I told him that I was hungry as well. Now, I am not even sure what was spoken, that lead him into his next statement, but he asked me, "Have you heard about this Pastor involved in a homo sexual scandal?"

I replied, "Of course, you are talking about 'so and so,' am I correct?"

"Oh yes," he replies.

"Today I heard that his salary is two point five million dollars," he says.

So, I say to him, "Yes, I know, it is going on all over America, I have been speaking against it for over thirty years," I reply.

All the man can say is, "Two point five million dollars, two point five million dollars, there is not a passage in the Bible that would justify paying the salary of any man, Two point five million dollars."

Again I say to him, "I know, it is not right, but it is going on all over the church."

He says to me, "Did you hear about 'so and so' that was found to have a forty thousand dollar toilet seat?"

"Forty thousand dollar toilet seat, forty thousand dollar toilet seat, not the toilet, just the 'seat,' forty thousand dollars."
I said to him, "You are kidding, that evangelist?"


You see, I have prayed with this man and I know him to be a Godly man. He knows the Lord, but it is a mystery to him of the workings of the church?

How can homo sexual predators get paid that much money and still be supported by their congregations? He knows me and he was shocked that I hadn't heard about the 'escapade' of the toilet seat.

You see, he believes that I am anointed, blessed, and called by God. I have heard him state this. He was shocked that I hadn't heard.
I would like to say that I came to the library and I looked up the "escapade" on the net. It was not a forty thousand dollar seat; it was only a twenty three thousand dollar seat from what I read. I also, read something about it being a gift.

What can you do when someone wants to give you a "gift?"

The apostle Paul said, "to avoid every appearance of evil."

My guess is that the donor merely wanted a tax write off?

Nonetheless, our Charismatic leaders have been so brainwashed as to their "expectations of living lavishly," and being placed upon pedestals, that this evangelist saw nothing wrong in accepting it?

A few hours before that I was in a conversation with another man, who basically said to me, "the church is filled with hypocrites who only love money."

This is why he spends hours studying at home, as well as praying, yet refuses to go to church.

Truly screwed up in his theology, but at least he isn't insulted by predators who only want him in church for what "He can do for them."
This is what we have done to American Christianity.

Well, I have no desire to "fry" this evangelist over owning a "toilet seat" like that.

"To each his own." I am talking about the way we please God.

Some may think having a twenty thousand dollar toilet seat, in the home, gives "great glory" to the Lord, I don't.
Please don't hold this against me, as most do.

No, I know that this 'Evangelist' gives much more back than many of her peers.

Other than that, "What else am I suppose to say, in your defense?"

I have recently come to the end of my rope; I have made it a point to stop speaking against other leaders in the "body of Christ."
Not because the Lord told me specifically, but because no one has any true desire to restore Godliness, Holiness, or Righteousness back to the church. We would rather believe in a "Santa Claus God," than in one who would make us look twice at ourselves or our lives.
No body cares, and nobody wants any thing to change.

In fact, if you speak out, "You are the one with the problem."

It doesn't do any good.

Well, I take that back, because many would be far worse, if I had not exposed so many of them and made them to look like the fools that they are?

If many ever truly read their Bibles, they would understand that they have "shipwrecked" their own faith, and will probably spend an eternity in hell.

Well, you just go on believing your Calvinistic doctrine then.

Just go ahead and continue to believe that you are sealed for that day, when scripture itself refutes your lifestyle and your salvation.
As I was walking here, I just kept telling the Lord, "I don't know what is right any more?"

"These people just get worse and worse, and yet when I speak out, I lose more and more."

Lord, I said, "I can't do it, yet if I don't speak out no body else will."

"No one cares God, what am I suppose to do?"

"Is it right to speak out against these atrocities of your Son, your Word, your Honor, or do I simply stand in the shadows and watch?"
I just can't do it anymore God...

Copyright 2008-2003. john colwell. All rights reserved. 

For a number of years, I watched as our churches had transformed from Holy Pulpits of speaking God's oracles to Entertainment venues more likened to Broadway. 

One day, I was in one of these mega churches and it was sponsoring a Play or an illustrated sermon on a Sunday.

As I was watching this either the Holy Spirit pointed it out or it just came to me, but all of a sudden I realized that at the last upgrade this church had transformed the Sanctuary into a stage setting complete with curtains and what was probably a half million dollar sound system. 

I realized that in many of these mega churches their purpose had changed and they were no longer interested in meeting man's spiritual needs through Prayer, the Word, or from Spiritual Gifts given by God. 

Instead, they had made carnal decisions to feed the flock through entertainment, music and the arts, no different than any other modern day entity making billions of dollars off of any that they can influence. 

This is why today our churches are all based on Grammy award singers, musicians and Charismatic leaders who all have a clever "Word" to say.

Around the same time, it was made known to me that many of these churches had been established through a Market Research project.
These leaders did not gather in Prayer to listen to a God that would instruct them as to where they should build a church. No, instead they paid Market Researchers to find out the most influential areas where they could find "marks" mostly in professional careers, so as to help them build these massive buildings of brick and mortar that would then become the new entertainment centers of the modern day church.

Here is a paper I found written on 8-13-11

New King James Version (NKJV)
6 He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked. 
Recently, I wrote about a church in Texas. This was one of the new types of *** churches. It is a new movement, but is defined by their title. 
"Rich Churches"
I was in a laundry mat the other day, when I was able to glean two "Ministry Today," magazines. One was on this church in Texas, while the other was on the "***" network of churches. I have visited a number of these churches and have been treated with real contempt in them. You see, my walk with the Lord doesn't coincide with their platform. In these churches you must have money, prestige and proper standing, else you are not accepted. 
As I gleaned the magazine concerning this ministry in Texas, I realized that the photos epitomized every thing that they believe in. These churches are established on the basis of a successful corporation. In one of the photos there is a leader standing in a picture perfect suit, with his arms folded exuding great confidence. He looks as if he just took over a corporate buy out, and is brimming with confidence. In back of the man are Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Bartholomew, and Gertrude of Bethany as well, as some others? They all look as if they have just successfully raided a corporation and thus, this is the example of the new modern day "disciples of Christ?"
In this magazine there are other photos, and articles of every department within this church. One of the things that I have noticed in these "***" churches is that the leaders all preach as if they are talking down to their subjects. There are bureaucracies, which in turn are similar to middle management of a corporation. This is "the successful church." The few that I have been in are in some very rich areas of the city. You get the sense that the target market is the professional and the elite. The poor are not welcome.

In the Bible there are a number of instances where it shows the nature of our God. Everything that the Father felt was what Jesus felt. 
Every thing that the Father was, so was Jesus. 
You see, many times, the church or his people will do something one way and by mistake we are led to believe that that is the right way or the way that pleases God. In many cases, however, it is not the right way and it doesn't please God, yet God forbears it. 
Do you recall when the Pharisees came up to Jesus and tried to trick him?
The question was about divorce and they basically ask:
Can a man divorce his wife for any reason? 
Jesus replies and in His answer we see a glimpse of God's nature. 
Jesus explains to them that from the beginning it was never God's intent that in a Holy union between a man and a woman there should ever be anything to separate that union. 
Well, the Pharisees don't like that answer, so they question him again. 

Matthew 19:7 NLT  "Then why did Moses say in the law that a man could give his wife a written notice of divorce and send her away?" they asked.

Jesus replies and in this we get a glimpse of the nature of God that few understand. 

Matthew 19:8 NLT Jesus replied, "Moses permitted divorce only as a concession to your hard hearts, but it was not what God had originally intended. 9 And I tell you this, whoever divorces his wife and marries someone else commits adultery-unless his wife has been unfaithful."

In other words, what Jesus was saying was that God for hundreds and hundreds of years, has long borne your rebelliousness, your selfishness, your lack of sincere love, your ulterior motives, your abuse toward those weaker vessels,  but that was never meant to be.

 Nevertheless, it was because of your hard hearts and rather than you all walk away from the religion, I allowed it.   

He was also making a new statement though, do you see it?

He was saying God has put up with your foolishness, your selfishness your rebellious attitude, but this is all going to change right now, else there be serious consequences upon the world.

So, what am I saying?

I am saying that there were a few men who God used to point out the fact that God is a "Good God" in the modern church. 
Unfortunately though, through the manipulation of those teachings by wicked men and women the church has been transformed. Many of these first generation men and women were all sincere in starting out, but something happened. It became so out of control that nobody was able to reel it in. 

Today, we have an entire generation of new believers who think that the most natural thing in the world is to be a Christian making millions of dollars through Social Media or projects inspired through our corporations that we now call "churches."

The church is no longer where one goes to be resolved of sin, but it is a meeting place where we are entertained and are able to idolize our most recent noticed or talented artistic performers.  

For the last few years I am shocked, as I actually hear congregations of church goers who swoon and Ooh and Ahhhh, the latest celebrities or musical artists. 

A few months ago, I was at a service and when the cameras panned a celebrity on the front row of a church you could hear the sighs of women, as if just being in the same building with such a woman and being able to glance her face on the over heads brought some kind of fulfillment to their lives? 

This should not be so, my brothers and sisters in the ministry. 

Honest to God, where were you people discipled from?

Before I was a Christian, I was a drug taking street kid from the streets of Detroit who worshiped rock bands and musical talent. After I had met Jesus that all changed. In one particular spiritual encounter, I was made privy to the music of heaven for what seemed a couple of hours as I slept or was in a heavenly trance induced from God.  

There is just no describing the magnificence or the majesty of such music, and yet I have seen people give their entire lives to an idol on a stage who can manipulate his five or ten fingers on a piece of wood or ivory. Or perhaps it will be a woman who can hold a note for ten seconds in song and the audience acts as if the woman has just materialized out of nowhere. 

Well, I don't think this woman on the over head even sings or plays an instrument. I have never seen her reality show, but from my understanding she just wears a lot of make up and pretty clothes,  yet, these so called believers in church swoon as if she were the Queen of England come to hold them on her lap?

Do you understand it? 

This was in a church where we had just welcomed the presence of Jesus to enter our praise and our temple.

Nevertheless, I read my Bible and I see where this was severely addressed by a number of Jesus disciples with a harsh warning against it. Nonetheless, our church leaders almost seem to welcome these accolades because they bring in the crowds?

These people pick at an instrument, they sing with their voices, they were not meant to be worshiped and especially in the house of God, where He gets the least respect.

What has happened to the church?

Does any one else see this?

I have witnessed the church for forty years and I have never ever seen the church honestly repent as the wishes of God recorded in 2nd Chronicles. 

You see, God is asking for the spiritual leaders to repent in order to halt His judgment. 

The message that I have been given from the spiritual leaders in America for forty years is that, "We have never done anything wrong."
They look at today's church and they all say to each other, "Why isn't it wonderful how the church is looking today, my, we have all done such a wonderful job."

No, to admit wrong might be to change theology and why on Earth would any good church leader worth his weight in doughnuts want to do that?

That might cut off the funding!

I have just posted a few of my previous papers on this article. 

I literally have hundreds and hundreds of similar such pages.

They have never been organized though. Generally I will write them and leave them on a desktop of my computer, then at some point I stick that batch in a folder, copy it to another source, and then add that folder to a folder that might get buried in a third or forth folder, nevertheless, most all are saved. 

In 2019, there must have been fifty papers that i started, yet never finished. 

I would write and write until I came to a point where I no longer felt anointed. Then I would close the work thinking that I might complete the next night. 

It seldom happened, so I just filed them away.

My writings have to feel anointed and be lined up with the "word of God," or I don't want any released. 

The only credit that I have ever wanted was credit for hearing from God. If any are hoping to hear of my wisdom,  then you are simply a fool pretending to be a child of God. 

The exact same is true of any Christian leader who preaches the "word."

And I don't care if he calls himself a Prophet, Apostle, Pastor, Teacher or Evangelist. If that preaching transforms the" church" or the values from those in which Jesus laid out as a blueprint in the New Testament, then you are a FOOL for believing that those words are anointed

No, I am sorry, God has not been eagerly waiting for thousands of years to finally release His real revelation to a number of Prosperity preachers of the modern day church which refutes the picture of the church in which Jesus painted while He walked the Earth. 

It was almost as if the Lord was holding me back.

You see, I have so much to say inside, but I just can't express it and I believe that this is God's doing.

Nevertheless, I have forty years of memory and documentation of the spiritual church in America and I can honestly say that I have never heard our leaders truly repent to God for the mess that they have allowed and made of his church. 

The entire church has lived in a state of denial for decades.  

It is time to repent, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. 

There was a period in my life where I spent a number of months in a Prayer room. It wasn't unusual to find me in there for hours at a time on any given day. There were numerous days where I would go in there and easily spend six to ten hours of non stop praying in tongues. 
During a few of these prayer sessions, I came out very concerned. Many times, after one of these sessions, I would follow it by writing a paper such as this that I might publish that day.

 I recall on a few occasions that after a few of these prayer sessions, they were followed by a paper in which I had warned about a major catastrophe such as the 1918 Flu epidemic that killed millions of people. 

My heart was very heavy after spending literal hours in supernatural prayer.

I remember asking my hearers why it would be so unusual for this generation to have suffered as Americans did in the Civil War, the first or second World War?

I ask, "Are we any more righteous, as a nation or a church?"

Well, events of today have inspired this paper. 

Could this new Flu virus end up wiping out a few million people?

The 1918 epidemic affected over 500 million people and killed an estimated 20 to 50 million people, according to a Google question that I just submitted. 

Think about that, are our church leaders any more righteous than they were back then?

Do they have the righteousness to stand before a Holy God and plead for the nation when none have ever asked forgiveness for transforming God's church into what it is today?

No, I think the church better wake up before it is too late.

Written 1-08-09

Proverbs 16:8 (Message Bible)
8First pride, then the crash-the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.

Recently, I read a book by David Wilkerson, entitled Americas Last Call-On the Brink of a Financial Holocaust. In the book Dr. Wilkerson begins to prophesy the financial collapse that our Nation has suffered under recently. One of the things that he keeps claiming in the book, is that God did not specifically tell him that the markets would collapse. What he avows throughout the book, however, is that through his study of the scriptures this collapse will inevitably happen. He bases this presumption on the continual example in scripture of Nations and Kingdoms that have fallen. The main theme throughout the book is the fact that every Nation or Kingdom fell because of immorality found within. What prompted him to write concerning America was the fact that our many sins and our falling away of the Lord was followed by "great prosperity". In other words, before a "kingdom" is going to fall, it is preceded by a time of great "prosperity" or "recognition". 
Do you understand what I am saying?... 

Witten 8-4 10
...I would like to see righteousness return to the church. I would like to see integrity returned to the ministry. I would like to see the criminals go to jail and the true ministers of the gospel become respected again.... 
This should not be so!
The following was taken from something I wrote on 5-8-06. This is what the Lord wants to say to those who will help Him restore true righteousness to the church. Most people, even in the church, don't fully understand the sovereignty of God. Sometimes though, God is limited by our hands and our feet in terms of what He can do for man. It is not His will that the church continue to decline as it has in righteousness. We are the hands and the feet of Jesus. He needs both you and I to do His will. 
There is a scripture and it says, "I looked for a man who would stand in the gap, but I found none." 
You see, God needed a man; else the country would have to face severe judgments. In other words, we can either clean house or we can let God clean house. 
Trust me; you don't want to "fall into the hands of an angry God."
Hebrews 10:30-31 (New King James Version)
30 For we know Him who said, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay," says the Lord. And again, "The LORD will judge His people." 31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. 

Today I went in to a new church that was in the area. It was a "word" church and the Pastor seemed to be a very godly man. He was sharing how his grandmother raised him and how God had always taken care of her. When I worship God I always worship very boldly or sing pretty loud. Sometime I clap my hands and it is a bit loud because I have learned that you can warfare in worship at the same time that most people are merely singing or clapping. As I was worshipping there were three little girls in the pew ahead of me about four or five, maybe. As I was singing somewhat loud a few of them looked up at me. This often happens; children love to see what is going on while most adults will just ignore you. Some with respect others with disdain. It just depends on the maturity of the believers. Well as the one little girl looked up, I just winked at her and smiled. She just melted and you could see her spirit just glow. She started to giggle a little and turned away. A few minutes later the Pastor had us all hold hands and I was off to a corner at the end of the pew. As the mother in front reached out to hold my hand she was holding the little girls hand that I winked at with her other hand. Next to her, however was another little girl. Soon she was looking up at me, yet she didn't look as happy as the first little girl, maybe a little dejected. Well I smiled at her and offered my hand to this little girl and she just melted, glowed, smiled and shyly turned away. Later, I was thinking of what I wrote last night about having Jesus smile upon us. If you have never worshipped God or have done something in Faith to please him, and have never seen him smile at you then you just don't understand the Gospel. When Jesus smiles at you, you become like one of those little children. There is nothing at that moment that anybody could offer you or anything that someone could do for you to equal it. For a fleeting moment, you just know that heaven itself opened just to show you the smile on the master's face. It is as if all of heaven shows you a little respect and your spirit just becomes ten feet tall. I think this is how heaven will be. We will be there in resurrected bodies but the greatest treasure in heaven will be when the Lord personally smiles at you and says, "well done, my good and faithful servant". He won't say it once though. It will be said for eternity. Over and over and over! This man didn't enter heaven naked and unclothed, they will shout, this man finished his race. This man did what I ask him to do. Well done, my good and faithful servant! Well done.....

Post Script

2-16-20 2:00 AM

I believe that it was February 1st, when I wrote this paper concerning the Coronavirus Flu. In the letter, I mentioned how I was deeply disturbed after many hours in a prayer room caught up in intercession about seven or eight years back. 
The next night, it was followed by another letter and the day after that I was also moved to write a third letter to fill this web site of my allotted free pages. 
I believe that I might have taken a night off, but the following night I was led to post a fourth letter on my web site, Well, these papers were just flowing out of me. 
You see, there was a period in my life where I was writing for months straight and each time the anointing was just flowing. That was years ago, before I went on the road as a street preacher and later a truck driver. 
Since that time, my attempts to write have all been hindered by what I believe has been the "Hand of God." Many times, in the last year or two I will begin writing and I can feel the anointing, but then maybe after four or five hours, I just lose the anointing. 
When that happens, I normally just file them away for keepsake. 
Nevertheless, this was completely different. These papers were just flowing out of me without any reservations of what I was writing. After, my third or fourth paper, I just sensed that God was telling me to release it all. 
I realized that from these few papers I was addressing a number of issues that I had been preaching about for years.  
And then, it was as if I heard the Lord speak and He said, "I want you to let it all out, finish these few papers in the manner that you have been speaking to my leaders for thirty to forty years."
Whether it was addressing the lack of respect that Pastors have concerning etiquette in the church, such as addressing congregants coming in forty five minutes late each week or the fact that the church is so silent to correct, lest they lose a "tither" or an "offering". I felt as if the lord wanted me to record these common errors in the church. 
I realized that I was pointing out the fact that our clergy are no different than the clergy in Germany during Hitter's regime and the fact that insuring the churches financial standing has taken a much higher priority, rather than to speak ill of a political leader. 
As I wrote I felt the Holy Spirit begin to take my words and address issues that have been silent in the church for so long. I wanted to point out that normally before a fall comes a great time of prosperity. I could even point to a few particular leaders in the church, to support this claim. Yet, I did not.
I pointed out how we have created a super race of "Clergy," all worth millions of dollars?
Where is this in scripture?
 I posted that fifth paper and the next night, I had a very strong urge to write a final paper that would also Max that web site out as it had already had two papers posted, as well. 
A week later, however, on Tuesday, I began to edit two of the papers and I haphazardly erased this content above. 
This was not done on purpose. 
Therefore, I am re-posting it tonight 
I would like to mention, as well, that I heard today that Michael Bloomberg is likely to ask Hillary Clinton as his running mate. 
If you have been following the history and the politics of this last few years, then in all likely hood, the government that will result from this union should they win election, will be one that is so corrupt and non touchable that it most likely would be closely recognized as one that had come out of Germany in the forties. 
There will be no accountability, and just as Ms. Clinton was under her own form of government when it came to the law, so will it exist again. 
High ranking members of the Justice department, as well as the FBI will be crawling out of the wood work and various Congressman will feel even more empowered to lie on her behalf. 
In all likelihood billions of dollars, will be directed toward the Clinton Networks, and to many of her cronies. The offices of her administration will take on a "Biden" kind of appeal?  
Nevertheless, the church no doubt will remain silent? 
Today, I heard a sermon on a "Kairos moment," well, perhaps this is the American Churches, "Kairos moment,"
I wonder if our church leaders will take advantage of it, or if they will shrink behind the skirts of their Self aggrandizement and their millions of dollars in salaries?
In terms of what our society will look like, if such a turn around should happen in our nation politically? 
Let me tell you, "that you don't want to know."
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