Luke 3:7 (NLT) When the crowds came to John for baptism, he said, “You brood of snakes!...
 When I posted this paper that night, I was in a hurry and I couldn't think of a title, so I just thought, "What is the theme, John?" 

Still not able to think of a proper title, I just threw it on the internet and titled it, "Just lying around, here..."

Tonight however, I have had a little more time, so I am going to re-title it, but not in the "page box," as that would change the order of the pages.

Anyway, the new title is:

                "Surf and Turf," it's your Birthday sweetie!

     {Sometimes, I will post a paper written some months or years before as I did this paper. Usually, it is because I just feel a leading by the Lord. When I wrote this I never did a spell check or even read it, but just filed it away. When I felt led to post it, it was really late and I was really tired. Again, I don't even think that I did a spell check. Many times, my spelling can get careless when writing because I am in a hurry or I know at the end I will spell check it. 

Also, I would like to mention that on occasion when I post a paper written previous, I might see a major flaw while having quickly gleaned it and correct an idea or thought. Nevertheless, if I say that the paper was written earlier, you can be sure that 99.9 per cent of it had been written before. I don't need to "fool" anybody nor is that my nature. 

On this paper tonight. I added a number of thoughts, so though it was posted as having been written in March, probably five per cent was corrected or added tonight. 

You see, I would like people to understand that my writings and ideas of what the church ought to be are the same today as they were thirty or forty years ago. There is no intent on my part of establishing a "Ministry" or to promote my name or self in any way. Shortly, after I wrote this paper it was followed by another concerning "Ministry," that you are welcome to read on my web site,
Well, I mention this because throughout my life I have constantly been accused of "only trying to make my name great" or for trying to hurry my "ministry." 

You see, most of these modern day church leaders all believe that everybody is as they are. They worry about the competition and are afraid of anyone establishing a "Ministry," that might be contrary to their idea of what the "Ministry," is. 

Like in all "Sports" they like to keep you down, unless you are on their "team." which I have never been. 

I only play on the one team and the coach is Jesus.

So, if I am not being accused of greed and shallowness, the other thing they like to accuse me of is either having a "Poverty Spirit," (for not giving proper recognition to their 'theology') or for having an "Angry Spirit," and not loving people enough. 

You see, if a person should write in the shadow of John the Baptist, give correction as Paul commanded Timothy, or to turn a few tables over as our Lord did; then they must not have the kind of love or happiness that it takes to be a modern day minister?

No, the requirements are quite different for the church of today. Instead of frowning or speaking toward your neighbor in a way that might offend him, you need to be willing to speak in a way that encourages him. 

Yes, if you can encourage him to open his checking account, savings account, pocket book or even his Jeans pocket, the church has found that this is a much higher form of "the God kind of love." 

Since this has been proven time and again the church has recognized it and has now given it "precedent" as the first and foremost norm for "Ministry Standards."

It exceeds all others, in terms of the "love meter," for ministry.  

At the same time, however, your outward show of happiness must now be measured to the same standard as an individual living in the finest home, driving the finest automobile, sleeping in a bed worthy of an earthly king, yet at the same time be in constant recognition of those who are paying your bills, as most minister's are? 

Anyway, I happen to be cleaning up this web site, and I have decided to re post this paper under a different title, so although it was first printed on the day stated, I did make a couple of insignificant changes to it, such as the title.}

The following was written on 3-19-2019

A few months ago, I was defending the "Faith" as has been my custom for the last forty or so years. 

"No," I was not defending it from any out right heretics, cult leaders, or mind controlling counterfeit clergy, although, in the past, I have even had to do that a time or two. 

"Yes," once again, I found myself defending the "Faith," from the actions of a present day church leader.
Have you ever had to do that?

You know, an unbelieving friend or co-worker might be asking you how these particular leaders can own and live in a few mansions at the same time? 

Or why this particular leader needs another fifty or so million dollars to buy himself a second or third Private Jet?
Typically there is no real answer to give, but many of these leaders believe that the "Truth is always the best answer."

Yea, Okaaaaayyyyy, "Well, you see Jesus, He is the very image of God and is God, and well, Jesus has people that he loves and that he gives untold wealth too, then there are the others, you know, people like me for example, who were born to be slaves and servants to those whom he loves and are the real chosen ones of Jesus."

As I said, I have been defending the honor of the Biblical Jesus from those who have distorted it for many years. Not all are crooks, but many have been. Some in the beginning just saw the opportunity and took it. 

Others through out the years, were enticed by the temptations of this "New Faith." 

Why spend years studying to be a professional, a doctor or lawyer, when the quickest way to wealth, prestige and power is to developed those Charismatic gifts that will "entitle" you to a successful life by becoming a preacher or any number of gifts that are related to a successful worldly church.

And I say a "successful worldly church" because most all our churches are judged "successful" by worldly standards. 
Yes, this is the ideal that is projected to many of our youth. If you were raised in a modern day charismatic church, then this was your education. 

When you look at the success of the modern mega church and the following that they have garnered it is especially obvious today. 
I fear that what many of the youth walk away from the church today is this idea of "Entitlement."

Enter the doors of any mega church today and it only takes you a moment to see that there is a spirit of "Entitlement." 
 So, anyway, this particular leader had committed an act that was highly publicized and this woman could not understand the situation as defined by what is expected of one living by a "traditional Christian Faith." 

You see, this woman could not understand how the Lord Jesus condones some of the ridiculous acts committed by our illustrious leaders in the church. I am not going to call this "sin," but the act that gained such notoriety from the media was when the said, Pastor..., 

No, I didn't explain to the woman how this man's wife needed it to go to the laundry mat, the grocery store, or to pick up her kids at school because it could shave off seconds traveling through the rural streets of our cities. That was more of an argument used by many of his followers, I am sure? 

What I did though, was to try to explain how some thirty years ago, a group of men had stolen the teachings of another man and then preceded to pervert them for their monetary wealth. These men and women took these teachings and expounded upon them,and they twisted the scriptures so the end result would be of what the church looks like today. I also explained how these same men and women have exchanged many "Biblical" truths with a new set of values which have redefined our churches. These new values are more conducive to a Corporate Board Room rather than to a group of people who are only called to love each other in order to fulfill the requirements laid down by our Lord. These men and women hijacked the traditional standards of the church and then replaced them with the worldly standards of business and trade.

Influence and position are now defined in the church exactly as they would be perceived in the work place. If you want to attain to management or to sit in the front pews, you better have come up by the ladder of success. 

As I was defending the Lord's honor, I explained to this woman that my message has never changed and I have been preaching witnessing this for some thirty something odd years. I told her exactly what I was preaching back then, a few decades ago, I said, "what they have done to enrich themselves is nothing compared to the damage that they have done to the church by placing themselves up as 'examples' to the flock." 

I stated, "they have transformed the church, just as Obama wanted to transform the country with his own selfish agenda"
And it was at that moment that I realized, that when I use to preach this message for years, warning of them becoming "examples to the flock," I was "in a sense" Prophesying. 

I realized that I can no longer preach that warning message, because they have fulfilled it before my very eyes. At that moment, the Lord gave me like an analogy of the Old Testament Prophets. 

It was as if the Lord was telling me, " John, you have acted in a manner of the OT Prophets, and the church in this age has responded just as the wayward Jews or those who my prophets were sent to warn. You have been preaching the danger for thirty some odd years and they have been rejecting you for some thirty something years."

Have you stopped and looked at society?

When do we come to that point and say, "STOP, and LOOK at what we have become?

We have slaughtered our Prophets and tramped down the "Word of the Lord," and this is the result of that..

We have turned our churches into money making corporations and if not, then they are considered complete failures?

We seldom take offerings for the Missionaries because they are a dying breed. Instead, we command the "tithes," as the payment for the venue and the ticket that let's you in the door. 

Recently, I read an article where a study was done and they came to the conclusion that something like 70 or 80 per cent of all professional musicians have hired into or get "gigs" in the local churches. 

Do you understand the significance of that?

Our churches will pay six figure salaries to musicians and singers for the sole purpose of drawing converts into the church. And I don't mean real converts, many are just stolen from other churches. These are not converts, but more like teenagers who want to simply "hang" where the best music is played and where they can worship their human idols much in the same vein as Aaron's followers. 

Yes, in the church, there are a few Moses and as they ascend the mountain of worship, it is very easy to look down upon the "fellow parishioners" as they are dancing and prostrating before the "Golden Calves" with new names followed by the instrument or songs that they are noted for playing.  

When did God change His nature to become as covetous and selfish as many of our leaders?

Our nation has become so confused and has been transformed into a nation of perverse sexual identities. We are resembling Rome under Nero, or any number of other societies that were wiped off the face of the earth due to sexual perversion. A number of months ago, I read an article where a study showed that 33 per cent of all American's do not identify as hetero sexual. 

When do we STOP and ask ourselves, "Perhaps, we weren't listening when the Prophet was crying and wailing for thirty long  years, just as Jeremiah had?" 

It's never too late to finally turn to God, even though we have crossed over into Judgment.
This is the "word" for today!

This is what the church needs to hear, not, "We need another great revival because I need a newer SUV."

We have slaughtered millions and millions of defenseless little babies. And recently, bills are going through Congress to give society the right to slaughter these same little babies even after they come out of their mother's womb as whole free thinking human beings." 

About my thirtieth year of following Christ, He began to show me just how much "Sin" has been swept under the carpet in the churches and by noted and prominent leaders. These same leaders ten years later are all calling for a last Great Revival, yet none has suggested any sort of repentance for the failures of the church in the last few decades. 

Well, just as I have witnessed it in the church, I began to see it sweep into America's political realms. We have leaders lying before Congress left and right today. There are so many politicians committing so many sins, and so long as they are not Conservatives, they are almost all untouched. 

How can you have a politician practically spit on Congress,and then destroy thousands and thousands of public records subpoenaed by Congress. This same woman later "bleach bit" her hard drives and then actually had her people take a sledge hammer to any hardware that might give a clue, as to the crimes that so many alleged, involving untold millions of dollars. All going on as half the country apparently approved of her actions and didn't"t have the slightest desire to know her corrupt motives?

Well, just as the church refused to properly repent, but instead chose to sweep their sins under the rug, so the examples have spilled out to the world. 

You see, we are suppose to show by example what righteousness is. Instead, we have church leaders that have been led by these new values of greed, covetousness and ENTITLEMENT, so why would we expect any political or business leaders to be turned toward righteousness?

None have, mostly because righteousness in the new church is no longer existent. If there are no examples of Godly leaders how do you expect our society to transform into a Godly society?

No, our church leaders are all too busy chasing after the tithes and the offerings and the finances to bother with righteous teachings. Souls are not important, buildings and Grammy award winning artists are.

Attention Church: I believe that we have crossed over the threshold and have caused much harm to our own people. That being the believer of this modern church age.

Do you understand that our churches are no longer churches that strive to live according to the way that Jesus laid out as a simple blueprint for the church. 

The church needs to get back to the very words that Jesus preached to live a Holy life.
The church does not need any more Mini books on the "sayings of Jesus to live a Prosperous money infused existence." 
We don't seek righteousness, we seek millions of dollars. 

This is why Jesus plainly stated that you can not love both God and money. You will either become a slave or you will HATE the truth, as told by a righteous man and therefore HATE him.

We don't strive to live for Christ, we strive for material things that define how successful we are, in order to be respected at "Church." 

We no longer seek the anointing in song which can cause hundreds of men to fall on their faces. We seek the Grammy's, The performing Artist, the millions of dollars that are there for the pickings, so long as we abandon our values and go after those values that draw all men to "MYSELF."

We no longer have Pastors, Leaders, men who mentor the next generation. We have Hollywood Actors, Charismatic leaders, and an unlimited supply of "yes men" just waiting to take their place in the next of line. 

And "PLEASE" do not take my words to mean every church in America. 

If the shoe fits, then go get your soul fixed. And I am talking to a lot of souls.

I am talking about an entire generation who know nothing of commitment or obedience to Christ, because of a failure of the leaders to preach anything controversial, lest they lose a member or let's be real, "a tither." 

For the past few months, I have been thinking that I ought to read the New Testament, and highlight those many scriptures that are no longer any good for this modern church age or that perhaps could be rewritten?

I am thinking of one right now.  Instead of "God put in the church, first Apostles, Prophets..

Do you see what I am saying?
Let's be real, in this church age, it ought to read "God put first in the church Tithe Takers, Record Producers, Worship Leaders, Singers, Keyboard Players, Lead Guitarists, Bass Guitarists, Drummers, Cowbell Ringers, and a Helps Ministry sometimes including a Barrister or a  Pastor. 

You see, in many churches, the Pastor is merely Second Fiddle to the Worship Leader. Nevertheless, many couldn't care less because it all comes down to the money they can take in for becoming the Second Fiddle to be played. 

God is calling these guys to stand up and become a man again, your not a Second Fiddle, you calling is without repentance, or are you one of those who slipped in unawares?

Well, if you are a man of God, then take your place!

A few months ago, I heard a Pastor speaking of a close relation who had come to the family Thanksgiving dinner with some aluminum foil. There in the pulpit as he was being scolded for seeking out other churches and not grasping this Pastor's same Christianity, I was saddened.

You see, apparently these two relatives, maybe brothers, were both raised in the church. Well the one successful pastor was using the pulpit to berate the individual who found it a little hard to grasp this new Christianity. 
Because, you see, this is new Christianity.

For two thousand years, the church has had different views of the pulpit, the Hymns, and the relationship of the clergy. Nonetheless, in no other age has there been this idea that money is the driving force of a Christian and all success is lacking lest you are of the "Entitled." 

About that time when I was speaking to the lady defending the Faith, the Lord gave me a "Word." 

On that particular day, this phrase came to mind, and I knew that it was a "Word" from heaven. 

The phrase was: The Church of Entitlement." 

Do you realize that this is what these individuals have created by their disregard for the pure word, and their greed for riches?
Today, was the day after the explosive scandal that has rocked the world concerning our colleges. They have come to find out that the "rich" have been buying places in the Universities for their children. 

AS I was listening to Hannity today, he had a Senator on. This Senator was a no nonsense guy and he was shocked by the revelation of some of the most selfish people in society. He told Hannity, "We have become a people of Entitlement," or something very similar to the phrase. I noted, however, he plainly stated the word, "Entitlement." 

When I heard it I recognized that it was the same term that the Lord gave me a few months ago. 

So, here is this pastor reaming out a relative because the "relative" hasn't grasped this new Christianity?

"Gee, brother, you ought to grasp this new Christianity. Look at me, I am specially gifted to sing, dance, preach like TJ, and I can afford to buy my middle aged wife a new Mazzeratti"

Well, all I can say is that in the past couple of decades, the church has lost millions of converts because they don't understand this "Church of Entitlement" either. 
You see, I am more like his relative or brother, I don't understand this new Christianity. I never have, in fact, I have been preaching against it for almost forty years. 

Does any one know what I am talking about?

We have created a church where if you are not gifted then it must be your job to support those who are.

Once, I helped to bring about a hundred people to the altar where some were crying out real tears of repentance. As the Pastor dismissed these new converts, he instructed them to return the following week with their tithes?

Can you understand how a supposed "Shepherd of God," could do that? 

It would be like me approaching my newly adopted daughter with a T-bone steak in one hand and a fully cooked New England lobster in my other as she is seated in her high seat. There she is with a little divided children's plate of peas, carrots and some apple sauce. 
Well, as I approach, I take my hand and with one fell swoop, the dish and food go flying across the room and slam against the wall. 

Next, I give her a big smile and I say, "It's your first birthday baby, Surf and Turf today, sweetie!"

I lay out the lobster because I am going to need both hands.

Then, I grab her by the neck and pull her up in her seat and I began to take the T-bone steak and start shoving it down her throat. 

Well, as I am stuffing the thing forcefully down her throat it becomes too difficult because her mouth is too small.

Next,  I begin to gently speak to her, "Please honey, open your mouth up a little wider for Daddy."

"C'mon darling, it's your Birthday, I know your going to love that T-bone steak once we get it down your throat, but guess what? I have something else for you to try "Lobster," it  tastes even better."

"Now do you see how much I love you?
Yes, I understand that this may hurt a little, but I have decided that it is the best way for you to grow quickly and I want you to grow quickly so you can be a strong adult and to love God as I do."

Well, this may seem a little funny to some, I suppose, but I have witnessed similar situations for almost forty years. 

And although, the pleas of the church leaders weren't as obvious as this mans, nevertheless, the hearts were as surely as wicked. 

Personally, I don't doubt that these poor souls who were saved in that man's church, were auditioned for their music and singing ability soon after that first week, had any returned?

But, as sad as it is, this is the state of the church and apparently no one else sees any wrong in it?

Well, I guess it is "just me," then?

Have you ever read where the apostle Paul asks the church, "Who has bewitched you.?"

I believe that this was just one person of many who got caught up in the riches and the wealth of the movement and then became "bewitched."

 Their eyes have been shut to the truth and the damage that has occurred through many of the doctrines that were fabricated to benefit themselves. 

Many will argue that multitudes have come into the church through those teachings, but I would counter the fact that millions of our church goers, are destined for hell. And please, do not get mad at me, read the words of Jesus instead.

This of course, is not to say that all prosperity followers are destined for hell either. There are many millions who are good Christians. 

What has concerned me is the quality of the believer's that were produced through much of those selfish teachings.

I have witnessed the church that has lost so much year after year after year. Had those teachings been effective we would have never had so many leave the church, I have witnessed multitudes flee the church. When you take that fact along with the present state of society as a whole, you can easily see how bad we have failed.  

Yet, it is hard pressed to find any type of leader willing to repent for any of the churches past sin?

Why is that?

It is as if none have ever had a glimpse of any sin in the church. 

For the first twenty five years of my Christianity, any time that I spoke anything out of the ordinary in the church, I was always sharply rebuked and ostracized as if I were some heretic. 

It was as if "the church could commit no sin?"

Today however, i have recognized a few others who are willing to admit the truth, nevertheless, they are normally not in ministry,

Why are the "blinders" so prevalent in ministry, I wonder? 

Could it be the result of the arrogance that has been placed in the modern believer due to those teachings?

I think it is.

Just a few months ago, there was a noted Prophet who writes for Charisma, Jeremiah Johnson, who had a vision of multitudes that he wrote about. He was convinced that the Lord had given him a vision of multitudes of followers that would be behind their leaders all headed straight for Hell. Again, I did not say this, but it is in line with the words and teaching of Jesus.

What is truly amazing to me is how the church feels absolutely no need to repent despite the many similar words as Mr. Johnson wrote about?

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