Luke 3:7 (NLT) When the crowds came to John for baptism, he said, “You brood of snakes!...
Ephesians 4:11-15 (NASB)

11 And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, 12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; 13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.

14 As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming; 15 but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ,
I would venture a guess that maybe it was two and a half years ago when I had my second visit to this last sleep clinic. I had a sleep study done by another clinic and I had made an appointment with this one. It was a follow up appointment a month or so after I was able to purchase a used C-pap machine. I explained that the machine wasn't working as expected and I was still having major issues in obtaining the proper rest. 
Well the clinicians, I guess nurses and semi doctors are puzzled, so they go and get the head doctor of the clinic to find a solution to the problem.  
Well, she comes in and explains, "Oh that's no problem, here is how we resolve it." 

She says, "You go ahead and find a volunteer job somewhere in the Medical Center, you become acclimated to work again, then you work your butt off, go home and climb into bed, in order to easily fall asleep."

Well, I was sitting under the woman, as if she were one of our modern day preachers, and I am thinking, "Dummy, you dummy, what is wrong with you...Dummy, The answer was right there all the time and you never even knew it. Surely, all my sleep problems will soon be put in the past and I will never have to worry about them again! 

Stupid, stupid, dummy dummy, dummy, you should have asked the preacher, I mean the doctor this years ago, Dummy!" 
Well, that was until I got out from under the pressure of being stared at by five or so, technicians and was addressed by the head of the entire sleep disorder department of the entire health system of thirty or so hospitals. 

When reality hit me, I ask myself a couple of questions that I should have addressed during my appointment. 
You see, I was imagining the doctor roll out of a four to eight thousand dollar bed, after she tossed her thousand dollar sheets and bed clothes over to the other side of where she slept. 

I suppose what would be customary was that she also took an invigorating shower from a shower head alone that would probably pay for five or six months of rent that I am used to paying?

Next, however, I saw the woman in an immaculate kitchen where all the appliances were stainless steel, and she was over by the built in Microwave cutting a piece of fruit, as her Quiche Lorraine was zapped for exactly eighty six minutes.

Then, it was as if I were watching her get in a Swedish car, sitting alongside her German Sedan, right in back of that incredible Japanese Sportscar.

And then the words hit me as if they reverberated through my brain?

"Does she have any idea your living situation?"

"Did she ask at all about the time that it takes for you to travel from the main airport to the hospital district?"

You see, this was where I had been sleeping for a few months around that time, at the airport.

"Does she have any idea how much it costs you to live each month when you are only restricted by your Social Security Check that you receive each month."

First before I go on, I would like to say that later in this paper, I am going to use our modern day preachers as an example. So when I get to that part of the paper, please upgrade in your mind, the autos to Bentleys, Roll's, and Mazzeratti's.

 In the kitchen, there is more 18 karat gold plating shown, than the Stainless Steel pattern of the appliances, and of course, in the bathrooms try to imagine a lot of inlaid Marble. 

Yesterday, as I was talking to the Lord about this paper, either the Holy Spirit inspired my thought or he asked the question?
Nonetheless, right there in the middle of our discourse, I heard the question, " Why is it that none of these TV Evangelists or Mega Church leaders want to display their particular homes and blessings that the Lord God has surely 'Blessed' them with?" 
You see, I was thinking of a few of these preachers homes that I have often seen on the internet. For some funny reason they are all aerial views usually taken by a newspaper.

I wonder why that is?

I mean, I have constantly heard how God has "Blessed" them and how "Blessed," they are and even "Thankful," for all God has done for them? Nevertheless, sometimes I get the feeling, as if they don't want people to see their "Blessings," why would that be. 

Isn't it amazing really, when you think about it?

I mean, actors, actresses, directors, athletes, even secular Grammy Award Singers, they all want to show how God has "blessed" them, yet our preachers all seem to want to HIDE their blessings?

Go figure, Huh!

Anyway, do you see my point, that I learned that day?

What I learned that day was that every body is different, no one should be judging another individual without at least having an inkling of what they have gone through or at present are going through. 

You see, this woman had no idea that one day, I was literally carried out of a church, and thrown to the concrete, as I was interceding in a prayer room. She never knew that I had  spent the next five to six years never sleeping in the same bed for over a week at a time. 
She wasn't there during that year to two year period where I had decided to preach on the streets in urban areas and where night after night for months and months the concrete or the ground was my bed. She has probably never really imagined what it is like to spend close to five years delivering trucks and never knowing where you will be sleeping the next night or two. Nevertheless, I never had any trouble with any of it, until I had to quit driving and I became grounded. 

No, there were a number of things that I could have shared with her, and it would have changed her mind from simply prescribing me to take a volunteer job and to go home at night and lay in bed. 

You see, I want to share this because I have noticed a common pattern in some particular churches. You know, I have noticed that if people don't know your back ground or what you have gone through or are going through there is nothing that they like to do better than to judge you. 

Why is this?

And again, I want to give you my mind's picture of my doctor that day, but please substitute one of these modern Prosperity Preachers, Okay?

You know, they all roll out of their fancy Beds, throw off the thousand dollar sheets, go down and eat their Wheaties, using their sterling silver spoons, jump in their Mercedes and hit the "Club" to confer together about some of the little people's silly and senseless problems, and then they hit the pool, before meeting with the wife at Nostrum's or by Cartier's for lunch.

And of course, none of these people have any real problems with money, gossip, greed, covetousness, or any other sin of the flesh. 
Well, then they ascend to the pulpit where they believe their words are almost infallible and they have the right to address your problems because they are where they are and you are where you are. This gives them the right to pass judgment upon you concerning your drinking, eating or sleeping habits. They maintain that because they are the stewards over God's house which they built, in some cases helped by worldly Market Research, they also have a right concerning your possessions and bank books. 

So, my point among others is that in many of these cases they are as I imagined my doctor. Many of the clergy have really never even worked before, some have been born into a Christian Pentecostal traditional family. I am not holding this against them, but many have been taught the law of tithing since the day momma first put peas on their plate, and you thought they were just throwing food?
You underestimate the seriousness of these families tithing laws!

So, anyway, once in a while one of them might tell you a story about when they needed an extra two thousand dollars because they needed shutters on their house and they had to exercise "Faith" and sure enough, God did what they have been told since earliest childhood. 
Ah right, so now every Sunday or when expected they ascend the throne, I mean pulpit and ask the entire congregation to tithe, as it has been engraved in them since the earliest of childhood. 

You see, apparently, they just assume every body in the congregation has rolled out of their same respective beds, thrown the thousand dollar sheets off, and jumped in their own Jacuzzi, as they have. 

And Please, I am not addressing any one church, this happens every Sunday all across the nation. 
So, then they pass the plate and all that money is to support that particular church, as it's leaders or in many cases a particular leader see's fit. 
The result of course, is that if you meet the quota, if you have tithed, then you are a real Christian, approved by God, and one who qualifies to be a close member of the "Good Ol Boy's and Girl's Clubs of America," AKA, the "Church."

About eighteen months ago, during the Kavanaugh hearings, I got really upset. 

You see, I just hate injustice, so during the hearings I published a paper explaining my drinking habits.

h yeah, it was also after I went to seek Prayer for a very seriousness illness, and immediately after I was prayed for, this particular person ask if my water bottle was a flask of Jim Beam. 

Anyway, I should have realized the nature of people and refrained from publishing it. Christians can be especially cruel and imaginative when jealousy, envy and hatred are involved. 

Anyways, in my paper I described how I occasionally like a bottle of wine and how on the holidays, I love Bourbon. Well, to make a long story short, the holidays came that year, I just didn't have any urge for drinking other than an occasional few glasses of wine. 
When New Years night came, I thought that I ought to go buy a little bourbon though. I had decided that for the next year, I was going to abstain altogether so I hit the Liquor store. When I walked in and was thinking about some Bourbon, I realized at that moment that the last time that I had had any liquor was the year before on New Years night while visiting my brother in Georgia.

I really laughed out loud, because I know the nature of some of those people that you sit next to every Sunday. I could imagine them all talking about how this old guy was out hitting the bars and carrying on during the holiday season.

I walked out of the liquor store with a half of a half of a half pint of Bourbon and had a wonderful drink later that night. 
Fortunately though, most Christians don't understand where the power of God comes from else they wouldn't gossip about particular people in the church. 

You see, the more that people gossip, slander and lie about a minister or a Christian, the more power that said "Christian" receives. 
This is a mystery, but it is a truism, as well. 

This is part of the reason why there is so little power in the modern day church. Very few church leaders are ready to do anything that would make them look bad. They want to please all men. 

They are afraid to offend for the "Word's" sake.

Around March, I went through radiation treatments and my Sleep Apnea went into Overdrive. 

For some reason, my mind would just not fall into a "sleep state." I was up for hours and hours every night and the moment my mind would fall into a state of sleep, I would abruptly awaken from a lack of oxygen. (This is the physical aspect of Sleep Apnea.) Your throat constricts and you are literally cut off from breathing.) The only way that I could finally fall into a sleep state was that if I sat up all night and then in the morning eat a huge meal. 

I gained twenty pounds alone just during my radiation therapy. For the last two years, my weight has steadily increased. Later, I would do a Sleep Study, and the results were really serious. The night of the sleep due to the fact that many times, I overeat just to be properly rested. It is a vicious cycle. 

study I only slept like thirty or forty minutes. 

During my radiation treatments, however, I would say that I only averaged less than two hours sleep a night in more than thirty days. I am not kidding you, it was the hardest thing that I had ever gone through. Not the treatments, or the side effects or any thing else, but just not being able to fall into a "sleep state," You just can't imagine what that is like. When I would ask my doctors to prescribe something they couldn't due to this country wide abuse of prescription drugs. There were a few days that I had literally gone over 48 hours without sleep and there was nothing I could do. 

Finally, I learned that I could fall asleep in a sitting position and during the last week I finally gave up my stubbornness and had a small glass or two of wine, although I had to break up my abstinence that I had started on New Years. Lastly, my Primary Care physician put me in touch with a Pulmonary Doctor who finally prescribed me a prescription of sleeping pills. 

When I told him my story, he informed me that the sleeping pill that I had been asking for was one of the most common given to people with acute cases of Sleep Apnea, as mine. 

Not long after that I was in the Emergency twice because my severe Sleep Apnea has caused an Atrial Fibrilation in my heart. 
Some months after that, I developed some type of pneumonia and for a number of weeks I had trouble breathing, I could only take short breaths, and it scared the hell out of me. I had no idea what was going on, for days, I didn't know if I was about to go through a serious heart attack or what, all I knew was that I couldn't breathe, my breaths were only half breaths and there is this fear that hangs over you as this happens. My C-pap machine helped me to get over it and then when I was informed by my Primary Physician that it was only pneumonia, I became a happy man. 

After a few weeks of that I was breathing normal again.  

At the moment, I am taking a_lot of medications and am soon due for an MRI because they found a lesion or something in one of my organs. I am praying that it's  benign.    
Anyways, my point in sharing this is for those of you in the church who feel it your obligation to judge a man for the habits that you know nothing about. 
What is even more absurd for me to grasp is when the "clergy," does it because they believe that all men are born and gifted into this world as they are?
And since this paper is a continuation of my previous two concerning the ridiculous state of the church that our present day leaders have made of it. 
Then, I think my trials ought to be quite effective here in sharing them. 

Last year, I heard that there was a leader of the Prosperity movement who made a statement acknowledging error in the "Faith" message.
My only question at the time was, "Why did it take you so long to admit it?."
I think that I got the answer the other day. 

I posted a paper on my web site concerning the abuse of the church today and of what it has become. 

Well, I believe that when I went to church to listen to the Elders of said church and to hear what this Evangelist was to preach that night, many expected the Lord to really put me in my place for my arrogance. 

It didn't happen as many expected, and instead the Holy Spirit backed his "Word." 
Well, the next day, I heard this speaker on the internet and she made a statement that really awakened me toward these many preachers from this movement that has transformed the church. 

The woman stated, something to the effect, "Why it was just this morning when the devil told me that I could no longer preach as I once did, but that was a lie, don't you know that Satan is a liar..." 

Well, after hearing it, I didn't think much of it. Nevertheless, it was a day later and the Holy Spirit brought it back to my remembrance. 
First, I want to point out that this same sentence could have been said by any one of these very top first generation of preachers from the prosperity movement. In fact, if someone were to do a study of any of these first generation leaders from their past sermons, I am sure that you could have heard a variation of this same idea spoken. 

The woman stated that the devil told her, "You can no longer preach as you use to and I started to believe him."

Well, let's break that down.

Try to imagine a landowner or the owner of a huge farm that maybe produces one fifth of the corn in Nebraska. 

He has a number of fellows who work for him, but he has always had one main Head Foreman that is the head of all the other foremen or bosses under him who manage the workers. The man has been with the company for years, but finally he passes on. 

So, in turn he promotes the next Foreman in line to become the new replacing Head Foreman. So, on the day before this man is to take his position he explains to the new Head Foreman that there is coming a freeze and tomorrow, I want you to go out and tell my workers to gather as much of this harvest as they can.

It's the first day on the job and the man goes out, as the other Head Foreman, but production is seriously lacking that day. Instead of doubling production as the owner expected, the workers only gathered half of normal production. 

The owner calls him up on the carpet and asks him very sternly, " What happened today, why did production fall to half of normal production?" 

The guy hasn't any choice except to tell the owner the complete truth. 

So, he says, "Well you see Sir, I wanted to speak to them in a way that would make them happy to be working and that also would make myself look incredibly good, so much so, that one or two might even slip me a little extra reward, do you understand?"

The owner of the plant answers the man and he says, "Yeah, I understand perfectly, now do you understand that I didn't call you to make my workers 'feel' happy, this is not Disneyland." 

Neither did I call you and to go ask them in a polite way, so they would think nice of you, I ask that you tell them what my wishes are and that as an owner about to lose his business, I need my crops brought in. 

Does any one understand my point here?

I have never said, or thought, "Gee, perhaps I can't preach as I did thirty years ago."
Do you understand what I am saying?

There is nowhere in the Bible that Jesus or the Father ask any of His preachers to develop a "method" to preach, so it can be judged "successful or lousy." 

No, the way that it is suppose to work is that you hear from God and you repeat to a people what God said, and whether that people like you or dislike you your preaching never changes. 

You see, what this evangelist was really saying and let me remind you, our nation is filled and overflowing with similar preachers, but she was saying, "My method failed me last night, and the devil came to me to lie and to tell me that I will never get it back."
In other words, she was saying, "I am borne out of the_method movement." 

No, not the Methodist movement, I said the, "Method Movement."
This is what the prosperity message has always been and God has allowed it to go on because it has brought much recognition to His son, Jesus Christ. 

Nevertheless, church, it is time to grow up!

Lastly, I am going to tell a story that is going to burst the bubble off of this ridiculous example of theology going haywire. 
I stopped listening to many of these Prosperity preachers years ago. In particular one who has become probably the most famous for it. 
I mean, I don't think I heard more than a minute sermon from this man in the last twenty years. Well, that was until about six months ago. I happened to be flicking the remote around and it landed on this man preaching at a meeting. 

I heard a sentence or two and was shocked by what I had heard. 

I can hear it now?

"Ooh tell us, John, was he speaking heresy, was he bringing error to the scriptures, C'mon John, tell us, we want to know?"
No, not at all, it was nothing like that. 

You see, these guys are good, they don't speak lies or openly condone heresy, they just present the "word," in a way that benefits them financially. Nevertheless, he wasn't even doing that on this day.

No, he wanted something else this time, and I was shocked because here it is after the man has been in the ministry for probably close to sixty years, but he was empty.

Can you even fathom that?

Except for the "word of God," I would've never understood it. 

Here is a man who by the media and even by his own mouth, I believe, is worth close to a billion dollars? I think somewhere I saw on Google or something that his worth was estimated at seven hundred million dollars. 

You see, around thirty to forty years ago, I warned against this movement time and again, and my main point in warning against this was for the "examples," that these men would leave for the coming generations. 

Well, here it is come to fruition and you can't even recognize the church that Jesus laid out in the Gospels. For two thousand years, the church remained and was recognized by the values that the Lord had laid down in scripture. 

Today the entire purpose and soul of the church is monetary gain. 

Instead of the picture we were given in scripture of the power of Praise, we have transformed it into a money making venture and have opened the doors of the church to any who would exploit it for their own gain. 

The salaries of some clergy are most closely aligned with professional athletes, or movie stars, rather than a professional career man. I have witnessed numerous clergy who don't want a thing to do with the word "Shepherd," yet they are happy to be called "Pastors," because this can justify their ridiculous salaries? 

Nevertheless, there are numerous others who are ashamed to simply be a "Pastor." They have to have their "irons" in many other fires. Again, this came out of the ideal that certain Prosperity preachers brought forth. 

Well, there I am standing with a remote in my hand and listening to this leader from the Prosperity movement. 

This was a man worth an estimated seven hundred million dollars, yet God was showing me exactly how unfulfilled that this man was. He was speaking to this congregation and I am not going to go into all that I gleaned that day, but this was just a little of what I heard. 

He was speaking to the customary crowd from the movement, and I heard him, he said, "Now when I was first called, I had an Evangelist anointing... So then Brother So and So called me up and laid hands on me and I received the Prophet's anointing..." 
He continued, "...but When I did this, that was more like an apostle anointing... And that was more like an apostle anointing."

And so, I was staring there, standing and listening to this man who by all worldly and modern day church accounts ought to be the most fulfilled man in the world, yet here he was trying to convince his followers to recognize him as a God ordained apostle. 
I thought, "How incredibly sad, to see a man who has gone through so much to gather millions of dollars trying to satisfy his lust for riches and to have so much and yet at the end of your life to understand that none of it ever really fulfilled you."

Lastly, I want to say here that I witnessed this probably a year ago or so and I am relating my own observations only after much prayer. These are my thoughts and my observations. 

Yes, they could be completely wrong, nevertheless, I wish all would think seriously especially because of the day that we are living in. 
There were many years when I stood alone and not a soul would acknowledge anything of what I was speaking.
It is a little different today because today I am not alone, I think that I have heard at least one or two other followers of Christ understand that the church is just big business and promoted talent. 

I have been up all night writing this and so, I am going to publish. I have found that if I don't publish at the same sitting, I will lose the anointing and it will never be given the proper praise that it deserves. And I am not talking about any self rewards, I am talking about the rewards that are due the Lord for allowing me to listen and to repeat. 

No method, no prettying it up, just the "Word of God," as I hear from the Master!
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